Why Immediately Hiring an Attorney Is Important

Thousands of people are accused of crimes every day. While some rely on state attorneys to mount a defense, others are smart enough to keep an attorney on call or to hire a lawyer on their own. The faster you call your lawyer, the better off your case will be. Here are the top reasons why quickly hiring an attorney can save you grief later.

Reason 1: Prosecutors Are Building Your Case Right Now

State prosecutors have one job: convince a jury to convict you with evidence and sound arguments. Even lacking proper evidence can lead to convictions. In 2015, researchers found 149 people were cleared of crimes they didn’t commit, and they had served, on average, around 14.5 years in prison already. Innocent people are convicted of crimes every day. Even if you aren’t responsible for the crime, law enforcement and the prosecutor will be building a case against you if the situation looks bad.

Reason 2: We Could Stop the Charges Before They’re Even Brought Against You

Criminal defense attorneys are experts in the law. If police committed a violation of your civil rights before during or after the arrest, any evidence they have of your crime could be rendered null and void by their actions. Likewise, if the prosecution has a thin case against you, a good criminal defense attorney could convince them not to bother with the charges at all.

Reason 3: Methodical Investigation Could Reveal Favorable Evidence

An excellent criminal defense attorney’s job is to gather information to argue in favor of your innocence. If you hire a lawyer early, he or she can ensure all evidence relevant to your case is documented and gathered. This could also include hiring experts to testify in your defense.

Reason 4: We Could Begin Strategic Negotiations

If your case is looking grim, a skilled attorney can use the evidence gathered and effective bargaining skills to negotiate lesser pleas or charges with the prosecutor. Often, criminal charges are under negotiation before the trial even begins, so having a qualified lawyer on your side could keep you from going to court to begin with.

Reason 5: Start Creating a Defense Strategy

Just as the prosecutor is working on building a case against you, if you hire a criminal defense lawyer early, he or she will begin to construct and aggressive defense of you and your case. This case-building could include conducting investigations, consulting experts, calling witnesses, and examining the evidence already accumulated against you. The sooner it begins the more material you will have in your defense when your case actually occurs.

If you’re facing criminal charges, make sure you have an experienced Buckhead criminal defense attorney on your side. Robert James Trial Attorney was the elected District Attorney before he branched into criminal defense, so he understands how the opposition thinks and what angles they might try to take during a trial. He has also gained a reputation for treating his clients with respect and professionalism. Let him help you create a solid defense strategy geared toward the best possible outcome. Contact us at (404) 620-6110 or fill out our online form to schedule your free case consultation today.