Here for the Community (July 2021 Newsletter)

Robert James Trial Attorneys
Robert James

In Times of Need, Call Me

When I first left office to begin practicing privately, I had several core principles guiding me. First and foremost, I wanted to provide the best possible legal aid to clients in the personal injury field as well as the criminal defense field. The second principle followed close on the heels of the first: There would be no such thing as a case too big or a case too ... CONTINUE READING

Robert James Trial Attorneys

Is a Hybrid Model the Future of Work?

After more than a year of working remotely, the initial excitement of being able to work in your sweats probably wore off long ago. But this stint of remote work has shown many upsides: Productivity has increased. Eliminating the daily commute has been good for the environment, and workers are spending more time with their families, pursuing hobbies, or exercising. Having a more flexible work schedule has also meant there’s a better work-life balance for many working ... CONTINUE READING

Robert James Trial Attorneys

Jury Pools and Fair Trials

Back in April, the largest legal case of the year wrapped up with a police officer receiving multiple convictions after his actions resulted in the death of a civilian. Heavily publicized from beginning to end, the trial highlighted the difficulties the internet era exacerbates with information, bias, and trial in the court of public opinion. Attorneys had trouble finding appropriate jurors in a pool tainted by media coverage and preconceived notions. But was this really a new dilemma or merely the newest spin on a very old ... CONTINUE READING

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