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As citizens of the United States, each one of us is afforded important civil rights under the Constitution, including the right to free speech, the right to peacefully petition the government for change, and the right to due process when you are charged with a crime. Unfortunately, there may come a time when your civil rights are challenged or threatened, and you may need the assistance of an experienced civil rights attorney to protect your freedoms.

At Robert James Trial Attorney, our committed civil rights advocates have been practicing law for over 20 years. We strive to apply our rigorous understanding of Constitutional law to ensure that your basic rights are respected and upheld. It’s our mission to ensure that DeKalb County becomes a fairer and safer place for all residents, so if you need assistance, we’ll go the extra mile to fight for your rights.

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When Do I Need a Civil Rights Attorney?

Although cases involving civil rights violations might seem clear cut, many of these claims are difficult to resolve without the help of experienced legal counsel. Alternatively, you may worry about retaliation from your community, employer, or social group if you take legal action against discrimination and other forms of civil injustice. Even so, you still deserve to seek justice if your essential rights and liberties have been harmed.

Examples of civil rights violations:

  • Police brutality and violence
  • Search and seizure without a warrant
  • Discrimination on the basis of race, sex, class, or another protected category
  • Due process violations during a criminal investigation
  • Workplace discrimination, including wrongful termination
  • Subjection to cruel and unusual punishment
  • Suppression of free speech
  • Attacks or assaults during peaceful protests

Committed Advocates for Justice

If you’ve experienced any of the violations listed above, the time to take action is now. There are multiple federal and Georgia state laws that allow you to take legal recourse if you’ve suffered damages due to a civil rights violation, and while these laws are complicated, it’s never impossible to hold violators accountable for their actions.

Civil rights cases can also involve many powerful parties, but our DeKalb County lawyers are not afraid to stand up for your rights – and take your case all the way to the courtroom if needed. As former prosecutors, we know exactly how and when to act in such matters, and even how to prepare an effective case against the government. Motivated by a powerful sense of equality and fairness, we can help you seek civil damages when your basic rights as a citizen have been ignored.

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