Misdemeanors in Georgia

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What Are Misdemeanors in Georgia?

In Georgia, misdemeanors are defined as crimes that can be punished by one year or less in county jail. There are two different categories: misdemeanors and misdemeanors of a high and aggravated nature. Both are punishable by up to 12 months in a county jail.

The former charge includes a fine of up to $1,000 while the latter’s fine can be up to $5,000.

With misdemeanors, judges hold a significant amount of power in determining how the accused serves their sentence such as:

  • Suspending some or all of the sentence
  • Giving the defendant the option of probation instead of jail
  • Permitting defendant to serve jail term of less than 6 months on the weekends or during non-working hours

How Long can a Misdemeanor Case Stay Open in Georgia?

Most specific offenses do not have a predetermined statute of limitations, but the general guideline is that most felonies aside from rape, murder, or crimes against underage victims hold a statute of limitations of four years, while misdemeanors hold a statute of limitations of two years.

What Are the Penalties if Convicted?

While being charged with a misdemeanor is less serious than a felony, there are still penalties with long-lasting implications that must be considered, such as:

  • Loss of right to own a firearm
  • Loss of federal financial aid or education
  • Loss of driver’s license
  • Publication of photo in newspaper
  • Mandatory community service
  • Ineligibility for certain jobs
  • Fines
  • Jail time
  • Permanent criminal record

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